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Do something for yourself that reduces stress, gets your exercise in, and makes you feel graceful and beautiful.


Start belly dancing now

Hi there! I'm Samantha!

I get it. You’re struggling to move your body.
And it sucks.

I know how that is.…I’m a 40-year old business owner and a primary caregiver of my children.
I’ve had hip, knee, and back pain and accommodated my changing body during and after both pregnancies.
Every day felt like a hustle, a grind.

You have no time, you’re busy literally every minute of the day.
You’re getting older, have body concerns and think it's too late to start.
You can’t remember the last time you had fun doing everyday things.
You look at your belly and think…ugh.


Eventually, the impact kicks in and weighs on you.

Sluggish, sloth-like movement that makes you feel older than you are.
Increased stress, burn out.
No way to move your body. The gym isn’t an option.
Sometimes, you don’t even want to look in the mirror.

I struggled for years with those things too.

And when you aren’t moving, moving your body feels awkward.

Like when your leg falls asleep and you try to walk afterwards. 🤣

How can it not affect you mentally?

Shit talk to yourself

Damn, that is mentally exhausting to carry around all. damn. day. ❤️

All that struggling can change.  I want to show you how.

I’ve been there.

I’ve shifted my daily struggle with overwhelm, anxiety, self-doubt, and shit talk...
to a place where I can compliment my body, dance for fun/exercise 4-5 times a week, and feel absolutely beautiful and confident in my skin EVERY DAY.

I’ve learned to manage it.

That even when those negative feelings about myself and my life come along, it doesn’t stop me from continuing my day.

And if I can do it, so can you.

It’s a skill that you practice.
And you can learn that skill.

I did. And it changed my life.


Consider this…

You can move your body, exercise, and strengthen your body without it feeling like doom and gloom all the time.

You’ve got pain or body concerns, no problem. Move your body by working with your concerns.

A few minutes a day of you moving your body will have an impact in 1 week.

Think about what could happen in a month.

Before you know it, a habit is built around you moving your body and feeling amazing in it.

You see the results and think “Wow, I did that.”


Increasing your confidence is within your reach. Loving yourself in the mirror IS something that you can have.

No BS.

You meet yourself where you are and appreciate who you are, immediately showing yourself love.

You set up expectations where you succeed and not sabotage yourself.

One month from now, you’ll look in the mirror and think, “Damn, look how far I’ve come. I’ve come a long way in how I look at my body.”


Dancing through your day and having fun in the mundane moments is something you create…on purpose.

The time for yourself is here. Not in a month, not in a year. But now.

You’re moving in the kitchen, dancing while cooking.

Dancing while walking down the hallway.

You manage your overwhelm and anxiety and it doesn’t overrun your day.

You manage how to look at time in your day so that it works in your favor.

You think to yourself, “I can do this. I am making it work. I’m so proud of myself.”



You can have all of this.


It’s possible.


Here’s how I’m going to help you get there…



The Approach



Quiet the noise in your head so you can go after what you want. Disintegrate those non-working beliefs about you and your body with the support of Samantha. 

Flow of Movement.

Learn to belly dance with step-by-step with simple, doable movements and Samantha's signature break down. Repetition is a key part of your success and is built into everything you do.

Context of how and when to use belly dance, in the body you have today.

Don't dance with the body you think or society thinks you “should” have.  Dance with how you are now.  Embracing yourself, now, will take you further.

Get clear on applying the belly dance moves you learn and to what type of music to use it to.

Learn how to practice at home and dance more.

Easy, repeatable, and effective actions that allow you to practice at home and dance more.

Tips, Tricks, and practical suggestions change how you dance throughout your day and manage your time.


Coaching and Learning how to coach yourself.

Take yourself to the next level with simple questions that bring awareness forward.  Samantha’s coaching focuses on exploration of what is missing and what is in your way, as well as strengthening what you already know.

Clear your path to your belly dance dream and move forward powerfully.

Experience group coaching and how observing others getting coached impacts your dancing and self-image.


What You Get with Online Belly Dance Classes with Samantha:


💃🏻 Learn to Belly Dance and be empowered around it.

  • Weekly Live Online Group Classes (and their recordings) with Samantha Karim and other teachers
    Live Online Schedule:
    • Beginning Belly Dance - Mondays - 600 -715pm Arizona Time
    • Int/Adv Belly Dance - Tuesdays - 600 -715pm Arizona Time
    • "Samantha's Choice" - Guest Instructors - Thursdays - 600 -700pm Arizona Time
  • Beginning classes for brand new dancers and Intermediate/Advanced for more experienced dancers curriculum
  • 24/7 access to your full pre-recorded curriculum and all recordings. Attending weekly live classes aren’t necessary to learn belly dance.


❤️ Increase your confidence, belief and trust in yourself, and moments of self-love. You can do hard shit and love yourself while doing it.

  • Get the mindset, tools, and application to lessen body struggles and negative self-talk
  • Get exercises and videos on how to cultivate self-love, joy and confidence.
  • Get tools and learn how to feel graceful and beautiful today


🙌🏼 Get your me-time to move your body consistently and as much as you want

  • Get the tools on how to reduce stress with belly dancing.
  • Belly dance classes for exercise – cardio, stretches, warms up and more
  • Mobile friendly platform so you can dance, exercise, and have fun on the go.  


✅ Reach your goals with belly dance

  • Monthly dance and thought themes, guided weekly by Samantha.
  • Ask Samantha questions about your personal goals.
  • Learn how to keep going even when you get busy, your schedule changes or you are beating yourself up about not “doing it right”


😍 Bonus!

-Performance opportunity. *Requires a conversation with Samantha before signing up to perform.

-Weekend Intensive with Samantha (Live and Online experience available).



Believe in Yourself. You can do it.

You can keep moving your body, belly dancing consistently, as much as you want, when you want.

You are beautiful, graceful, and amazing in the body you have.

You can create your life to be full of fun with belly dancing! You’ve got your me-time in and ways to encouragingly talk to yourself!

Feel confident in yourself.  You can do hard shit and love yourself in the process. 

You have what it takes to let go of negative thoughts about you and your body.


Believe that you can walk through life feeling the most amazing you’ve ever felt about you.

Believe that how you’ve been wanting to feel about yourself your whole life is something that you can have now

You got this.

Start belly dancing now