So nice to meet you!


I LOVE dancing.  It's been a part of my life since I was a little girl. And now I get to share my love of dance with the world.  I believe that you have everything you need within you to get where you want to go. I'm a no BS kind of person, down-to-earth with a soft ooey gooey center of love and kindness.

I love nature, reading, napping, loving my family, and laughing hard until drool comes out my mouth.

Other fun details about my dance journey:

I have been teaching belly dance for over 17 years.

I am known internationally on social media for my simple step-by-step methodology, which allows others to learn from me easily and with retention.

I was the 2016 Belly Dancer of the Universe Egyptian Champion and Fusion People’s Choice winner.

In 2013, I became the USA Belly Dance Queen Pro-Soloist winner.

I've been featured on TLC’s Four Weddings (super fun to dance for TV!)

Early on, I was nominated for Arizona’s Favorite Cabaret/Oriental Artist in 2012.


About Our Team

Archette Ajon

A Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant from the Philippines who specializes in Graphic Designing, Website Portal creation, and Video Editing. She loves camping, reading fantasy novels, watching mind-bending movies, and is a huge anime fan. She also has a big heart for the environment and strongly encourages everyone to protect the animals and the natural world.